Missing Classmates

Updating & maintaining the email list is the toughest part of this whole reunion thing!

IF you are in touch & getting emails from us & you are listed on this "Missing" Page - please accept my apologies, drop me a note & let me know. I'll try to update the list to remove you promptly.

IF you have an email address for a missing classmate - PLEASE click on their name & send them an invite to join.   If you have a phone number for a classmate - PLEASE call them & tell them to be in touch (www.cheltenham71.com). Remember - no costs, no obligation, & your privacy is assured.  

Thanks for your patience & understanding.

Ellen Alberto
Leanne Austin
William Barrows
Andrea Batchler
Roger Beckett
Keith Bergey
Susan Bidwell
Judith Bramen
Thomas Brown
James Bruno
Gail Bugash
Alvaro Campos
Margery Chachkin
Deborah Cosgrove
Robin Dienstman
Debra Doyle
Mona Eames
Sakhr Farugi
Ann Faust (Lee)
Steven Feldman
Theodore Fisher
Kathryn Freed
Lee Freeman
Dawson Gant
Phillip Geigert
Nina Gonnella
Janice Gordon
Robert Gordon
Margaret Graber
Paul Grossman
Robin Gurman
David Hall
Susan Harris
Ella Hartsock
Walter Hill
Brenda Hirschorn
Linda Hope
Anthony Ivanoski
Elliot Kaliser
Susan Kater
Barry Kimmel
Ruth Kopejka
Judith Korn
Richard Krauser
Jay Kravitz
Linda Kudelko
Francis Kulick
Kathleen Lacovara
Barbara Lee (Meyer)
Lena Lerner
Richard Levin
James McBrien
Ramon McCrimmon
Patrick McGrath
Patricia Moore
Janice Morris
Jeffrey Moyer
Debbie Older
Janet Osview
Patricia Pagden
William Patton
Karen Perkel (Herndon)
Phillip Preston
Randall Preston
Sandy Remer
Ted Rhoads
Carl Rosen
Alan Rosenfeld
Robert Rosenfeld
Jill Schader
Alan Shapiro
Barry Sherman
Steven Sherman
Dennis Solomon
Jerry Solomon
Pauline South
Carl Spiegle
Kenneth Spielman
Michael Steele
Robert Stern
Sheva Stern (Mann)
Michael Sullivan
Chris Taylor
William Thomas
Richard Town
Wendy Traun
Deborah Upshur (Lowe)
Scott Walters
Richard Waxler
Evelyn Wayns
Allison Weiss
Lisa Wirth
Stewart Wolman
Marilyn Wood
Michael Wright
Rosewitha Wurster