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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 50.5%

A:   288   Joined
B:   282   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Jonathan Bricklin  1/22
•   Thomas Scott  1/4
•   Nancy Lanard  11/8
•   Nancy Selzer  11/8
•   Faith Corey (Visco)  10/28
•   Nick Helfrich  10/25
•   Joan (Jessica, Since 1973) Katzen (Behrman)  10/19
•   Gary Sernaker  10/18
•   Sharon Harris (Zlotnick)  10/12
•   Jill Steinhart (Anderson)  10/10
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•   Robin Paskman (Spencer)  2/9
•   Nona Shanis (Melnick)  2/9
•   Barbara Smith (Sellinger)  2/9
•   Jill Steinhart (Anderson)  2/10
•   Monte Elias  2/11
•   Jill Polakoff (Connolly)  2/14
•   Jack Talansky  2/14
•   Frederick Loomis  2/15
•   James Feldman  2/17
•   Deborah Wachtel  2/21
•   Barbara Goldberg (Halpern)  2/22
•   Rick Grossman  2/23
•   Marilyn Taylor (Cerino)  2/23
•   Jeff Gordon  2/24
•   Fern Dickler (Zeigler)  2/26
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Exciting news!!!

At our Reunion committee meeting on Nov.1st, your committee unanimously agreed to confirm a date for our CHS '71 55th Reunion.  Where? You guessed it...Huntingdon Valley Country Club...when?  October 9th and 10th, 2026..same Columbus and Indigenous Peoples weekend.  In an attempt to save money, please save your name tags from last month...only kidding!!  Mark your 2026 calendars accordingly!!!  And to those classmates that are willing, please continue to send us your fascinating journeys since 1971.  Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving season!!


Cheltenham High School ~ Wyncote, PA

1st time visitor? ... Frequent visitor? ... Not been here in a while? ...


Share your thoughts, memories, happenings, grandkids, pets, movies... ANYTHING!

Any questions ... contact: 

Class of 1971

 Cheltenham Alumni

Other CHS classes

I'm New to the Site -- FAQ's & Now What?"

The reunion last night was simply spectacular!!!  It could not have been done without the help of so many of our classmates.  We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all committee members who have spent countless and dedicated hours.  It was a true labor of love.  We were an awesome team.  We started planning over 2 1/2 years ago and worked continually, in order for our classmates to have the opportunity to join together in celebration.

A huge thank you to the decorating committee.  The room looked fantastic.  Thank you, Peggy Klaus, Pam Hendell and David Tecosky.   Peggy, you deserve bragging rights.  You gave a pumped-up speech to get the party started.   Brad Allen picked the best music for talking and if we were to dance, he was ready with Motown and much more.  Andi Albert came to our meetings monthly and took great minutes.  Linda Baron kept the spreadsheet up to date for over two years.  The organization of names was impeccable.  Andrew Pincus and Diane Singer kept the finances on target while registering each classmate.  If you were difficult to locate in this world, you were found because of Andy Pollack.  He spent countless hours hunting for each classmate.   It is very sad to see the long list of names on the Class of 71 memorial board.  Andy Pollack arranged and designed this touching memorial.  The roses fit beautifully on the pedestal next to the memorial board.  Andy’s generous donation helped each of us feel fortunate to be alive and to be able to enjoy our reunion together.  Our hearts go out to all their families and friends.

When anything was needed, we turned to Diane Singer.  She helped with the design of on-line registration, and keeping track.  She selected the plentiful menu.

At the registration table, on Saturday night, you also saw Andi Albert, JoAnne Friedman, Linda Garde, Sharon Harris, Andy Pincus, Sara Lee Reinhart and Diane Singer.  They created a very efficient sign-in process.  Sara Lee Reinhart and her husband, Eric Cardonick donated 400 TastyKakes as our going away surprise.  That was a big hit.  Friday night Michael Jerdan, Andrew Pincus, Sara Lee Reinhart, Diane Singer and David Tecosky, also did registration smoothly.  Cindy Grossman designed the name-tags showing our high school pictures, so we could recognize each other.

You thought all the emails came from Neil and I, they actually came from Curt Bloom, who spent hours sending out invitations and details.  Cheryl Cohen sent out snail mail to those classmates who do not use email or facebook.  A big thank you to Eric Cardonick, Peter Olsho, Rita Singer and Sandy Student for taking hundreds of photos. LOOK FOR PHOTOS THAT WILL BE POSTED ON FACEBOOK AND OUR WEBSITE

Bruce Boehm was unable to join us. He will continue to be our on-line webmaster.  Our website address is and our Facebook page is Cheltenham high school class of 1971.   Please post your photos on our website and on our CHS Facebook page.

We would also like to thank Christa Sywulak-Herr, Past Alumni President for organizing the tours at CHS.  Did you know that 81 School District employees are CHS alumni?

Neil and I would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all of you. Thank you for your hard work over the past two years.  We deeply appreciate every member of our committee for showing untiring effort.

See you at our next CHS class reunion!!!

Neil and Nona
October 9, 2022


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Please send a check or money order, made out to

"Cheltenham High School 71 Reunion"

and mail to

 Andy Pincus, 1045 Longfield Road

Southampton, PA 18966

Many thanks!


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 Fun Quotes:
Albert Einstein:  "Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics.  I can assure you that mine are still greater.
Tom Brokaw:  "You’ve been told during your high school years that you are now about to enter the real world, and you’ve been wondering what it’s like.  Let me tell you that the real world is not high school. The real world, it turns out, is much more like junior high."    Read the rest of the Tom Brokaw quote, and other Fun Quotes... click here 

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I can only hope that everyone else had as good a time at the reunion as I did! It was wild to see so many familiar faces all at once, and realize how long I’ve known some of you.

I can’t thank the organizers enough. You are the glue that keeps many of us in touch.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 7th decade!

All my best,

Matthew Starobin

PS Amy Coane, if you’re listening, I somehow ended up with one of the terrific Shoemaker photos you sent me. Happy to get it back to you. Sorry!
PPS. On an obscure note, I have terrific memories of the music teacher at Lynnwood. Miss Davis? If anyone knows about her, I’d love to know.

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Gary Greenberg